Is sugar really that bad for you?

Over the next month, you'll probably go to lots of parties, eat lots of food, and be tempted by platters of sweet treats. But have you ever wondered what all those sweets are doing to your body? According to naturopath Katrina Ellis, huge intakes of sugar do more harm to the human body than nearly any other substance. In fact, one teaspoon of refined sugar per day can suppress your immunity for two or three hours! Refined sugar rots your teeth, leeches calcium from your bones, and essentially destroys your insides. Too much sugar causes:

  • headaches and migraines;

  • poor vision and eye problems;

  • hyperactivity, behavioural problems, learning disorders and decreased attention span;

  • depression, irritability, anxiety and mood swings;

  • reduced sensitivity to insulin causing metabolism problems, weight gain and diabetes;

  • haemorrhoids and constipation;

  • poor release of growth hormone, stunting growth in children;

  • and much more…

That’s why we should try to replace refined sugar with natural fruits or plant sources. These ‘natural sweeteners’ contain natural sugars that are healthier for your pancreas and most also contain healing phytonutrients to improve health and immune defences. There are many natural sweeteners to use, including: stevia, erythritol, medjool dates, lacuma, yacon syrup, rapadura sugar, coconut palm sugar, agave syrup (unprocessed), and raw honey. However, many of these options have advantages and disadvantages – and some should only be used moderately because they contain high sugar and calorie levels. Source: Katrina Ellis N.D., Raw Addiction, 2012, pg 167-170

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